V is for Vegan

This biblical-style drawing was done years ago to satirise the follies behind mad cow disease (BSE). It was called The Four Mad Cowboys of the Apocalypse. I recruited it as a poster for veganism after going vegan a few years ago. The dread horses are now cattle, still subjugated and bringing with them terrible consequences.

It's an odd thing, being vegan. It makes the non-vegan world look deluded, and that comes with a regret for not turning vegan sooner. It's also quite isolating. But once you realise that eating the flesh of sentient creatures is, to say the least, perverse, you can never go back. And it's a constant pain to witness such massive cruelty. That's nothing compared to the actual cruelty suffered by the animals, of course.

Avoid Dairy...

It's not just meat. Dairy harms animals, too...

Watch Dominion, a life-changing expose of animal farming and cruelty:

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